Reviews Leonie Nanassy


Leonie is the founder of Hands On Life. She is an Esalen® Massage bodywork therapist, and lifestyle adviser.

“Leonie takes massage to another level. Her touch is so personal and healing that it feels more like a nourishing dance. Leonie’s techniques paired with her natural intuition create a very dynamic and special individual experience. Can’t recommend enough” Bridget Rees

“Leonie works very intuitively, her unique range of techniques, knowledge and skill mean that her sessions leave you feeling nurtured and energised. She’s and expert massage therapist and has an in depth knowledge of the use of massage therapy for a range of physical and mental well-being issues. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am already looking forward to my next treatment.” Emma Elmer – CEO 24 Fingers

“My massage was a truly unique experience. Leonie is very gifted and intuitive. I was left feeling relaxed and nurtured after a deep and flowing experience where I could surrender and benefit from her healing touch” Judi Bowers

“My treatment was amazing; it left me feeling as light as air.” Clare Salmon

“I was treated to Leonie’s Ultimate Facial and it was one of the best treatments I’ve ever had! Seriously delicious for face, body and mind. The facial using amazing products was interwoven with a incredible flowing massage. I felt light and energised and my skin looked amazing for weeks after the treatment.” Anna

“Have known Leonie for over 20 years , yet she remains the most dynamic, sensual woman I know. She is kind, sensitive and meticulous with detail; artistic, creative and fluid, no matter what the project. She also adds an element of colour and love to her work, no matter what the context.

I’ve worked with Leonie as a therapist and a business women and she has a passion for people and healthcare exceeds most anyone else I know. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” Dustie Houchin – Consultant, Programme Developer & Lecturer

I had the best massage I’ve ever had with Leonie! I felt completely relaxed and invigorated at the same time. I felt I was in very experienced hands that knew exactly what I needed. Sarah

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