Treatments by Leonie

Esalen Massage with Leonie: creative bodywork specialist.

Leonie is a highly intuitive bodywork specialist with 23 years experience, learning and working with inspiring & master teachers from around the world. Using a Somatic approach, which means incorporating a persons mind, body, spirit and emotions.
She will be offering Esalen Based Massage, a deep, flowing broader approach to massage,(

Combining learned methods of reflexology, deep tissue, mindfulness, yoga nidra, essential oils & breathing techniques that will help induce mental, emotional, and physical relief, and relaxation.


Esalen Classic deep tissue massage.

A deeply nurturing massage using slow long flowing strokes and essential oils.

1hour. £ 60


“Journey of The senses”

Nurturing Tantric massage
Women Only
A divine slow flowing massage, with warm essential oils, and music designed to inspire & restore your flow & glow!

70 mins £ 80


“Intense Lower body Chakra balance:”

Reflexology based, focusing on feet, hands, legs, and the breath.
An intense long lasting treatment, particularly helpful for people who have difficulty relaxing and getting out of there minds.

55 mins. £55


“Open your heart” and release tight arms and shoulders

Upper body chakra balance:
Focusing on Arms, shoulders, Neck – Head
Strong, dynamic, and garanteed to open and release your upper body, helping you find more space to breath, improving posture and opening your Heart Chakra.

Min 55 mins. £55

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