“A sincere understanding of both mind and body is the secret to a great treatment.”

Our therapists are skilled, well travelled,  and dedicated  in the area of healing arts, bringing another dimension to your retreat.

Esalen® Massage

with Leonie

Leonie Massage Therapist

Esalen® Massage

Esalen® massage is based on Swedish massage, deeply relaxing, but is a far broader approach designed to stimulate and strengthen the physical and emotional body. It is particularly renowned for the soothing effects of long lengthening strokes combined with passive joint movement. Its helps to  connect and bring your mind and body into balance whilst easing away stresses and tension.

Leonie  visits Esalen® Institute every year to continue to evolve her intuitive massage skills.

Duration: 1 hour Price: £75.00

A nurturing, nourishing  face, neck & shoulder lift.

We hold a huge amount of tension in our face and upper body effecting the way we look and hold ourselves, this deeply relaxing facial with a twist,  will leave you feeling nurtured, nourished and lighter.
Enjoy a face, neck, shoulder and foot massage in addition to a nurturing facial with a wonderful exfoliating mask. A dynamic combination treatment with nourishing skin products that will leave you feeling deeply rested, nurtured, revived and looking fresher.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: £85.00

“Leonie takes massage to another level. Her touch is so personal and healing that it feels more like a nourishing dance. Leonie’s techniques paired with her natural intuition create a very dynamic and special individual experience. Can’t recommend enough” – Bridget Rees

Access Bars Treatment

with Anya

Anya Conscious Treatment

Access Consciousness Bars®

Consciousness is the art of being present in the moment without judgement. You’re true ‘knowing’ without the limitations of the cognitive mind.

Access Bars treatments open you up to more ease, more fun and more of you.

By gently touching a specific 32 points on the head,  energy around these begins to dissipate, releasing redundant thoughts, ideas and beliefs. This is likened to pressing the delete button on a over-crammed hard drive full of files you never need to access.  This frees the energy that was being used to store them up for you to use for more creativity and more abundance in your life!

Having an Access Bars treatment is a deeply relaxing and wonderful experience that can help to kick-start the shifts that you desire in your life.

£50 – 60mins
£40 – 45mins

*In addition to treatments we also run certified training days in Access Consciousness Bars.  Send us an email for more info.







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