Regular Yoga Classes
Tuesdays and Friday

Online classes; Yoga, Pilates & Meditation with Amanda & Marika
Amanda from Wild and Free Adventures

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Yoga & Pilates classes focusing on strengthening your core, mobility, flexibility, and all round strength and mental fitness.If you want to learn, or deepen your practice, both Amanda and Marika are highly skilled intuitive teachers with 10 years experience between them.

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Regular classes:
Yoga Nidra

Date July & August 2020 | Location: Devon/ Cornwall

Experience one hour of Yoga Nidra, a profound form of yoga in which you will learn how to relax consciously and train your mind with the guidance of ‘Sankalpa”. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word, and is an important stage of Yoga Nidra that can be a powerful method of re shaping your personality and direction in life along the positive lines. This class will be followed by a cacao ritual where you will be encouraged to strengthen the affirmation of your “Sankalpa”.


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